About Us

Parcel Tracker is an online Tracking System for couriers. We provide tracking for over 1877 couriers in just 3 easy steps, without any need to specify the courier service you're sending with.
Shipping from one country to another can be a challenging and stressful experience. That's why we created Parcel Tracker - so you can be sure your package is being tracked to completion!

When you use our system, you'll be provided with all of the information related to your shipment including free tracking alerts, status updates, and notifications when it has left and when it arrives at its

destination. And if there are any issues during transit, we provide a 24/7 helpline that will ensure you know what to do next.

One of our founding members was inspired after encountering a delayed delivery of her package on her doorstep with no way of knowing where or when she could expect it again. The result: a real-time tracking service that ensures your parcels arrive as quickly as possible!

Mission: To make shipping from one country to another easier and more convenient than ever before.